How to make a great sales rep out of an ordinary person!

Have you hired someone with no sales experience or someone who claimed to have sales experience but turned out not to have any at all? Well, not to worry! If you already have sales people onboard there’s no need to throw them overboard because you will just waste your money on recruitments. 

If it is a great salesperson you seek, stop searching because most of them are either making more money than you can offer or there busy running their own businesses. Great salespersons are not born but made, we were all born as closers but it was not something we could keep on the long run. Greatness is a form of skill, if you aren’t practicing and committing to getting better you will never be great. So, if your sales team is struggling to make enough contacts, generate leads, set appointments, do sales presentations, close and ask for referrals. You need to put them on a sales program, take them for training and create the best sales team for your business. 

Your sales team will never be as passionate as you are about your business. The least you can do is, make sure they have the following three qualities;

1. Positive attitude

A person’s attitude determines whether or not they can do what they promised they will do. Because a single negative thought can make anyone change their mind and distract you from enjoying your day. We do not always wake up feeling excited but it is upon us to make the day exciting. Recite a positive scripture, listen to positive/good music on your way to work, greet everyone on your to your desk and share that feeling with everyone. Most salespersons fail because they aren’t excited enough about the product/service they have to promote. And failing to create enough excitement during a sales presentation can causes a potential prospect to take his/her business elsewhere. Excitement is a form of creating urgency because when you get excited about something, you don’t want to miss out. The sales team in your company should always be excited about the product or service you offer every single day. And I promise you, they will always be sales generated every time even during a sales drought!

2. Be completely sold & Honest

Anything great is built on a solid foundation. Lies give you temporarily victory but honesty makes you live like a king. There’s a difference between a condition and an objection, and most salespersons don’t know the difference. Salespersons resort to lies when they are under pressure while the pressure should be on the clients/prospects. I was always pressured by my parents to do things I didn’t like because they believed it was right for me to do and so I did. If your sales reps don’t believe in your product or service they will always resort to lies instead of pressuring prospects to buy because it is the right thing to do. Make sure your sales reps are completely sold on your product or service. Clients are the judges of character, be honest in their presence and don’t be found guilty of doubting your own product or service!

3. Goal oriented

Your sales reps should always have daily, weekly and monthly written goals because statistics show that people with written goals have 90% chance of achieving them. They should also know that the money they seek comes from people who buy from them and not the company they work for. Without sales there’s no commission and without commission there’s no income generated for both the company and salesperson. You only start making money when you start making sales and to make sales you need people you can sell to. Their daily activity should always be more or equivalent to than of the previous day.

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Author: Benjamin Nengwani

Sales Manager, Sales Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Presenter and Founder of Mzansi OnAir

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