7 steps to develop a successful mindset


There’s always something that makes us uneasy,whether it’s mental or physicaland it is usually something we are not used to, like picking up the phone and calling somebody, making eye contact during a conversation, doing an outdoor canvass, confronting an unsuspecting salesman or a promotions event.

But you have to deal with these things if you have any hope of getting better/improving.


Today we are going to be talking about how to strengthen your mental well-being.


Everything starts from within and everything you will ever need to improve yourself is already inside of you. All you need is to dig deep and find yourself. 


If you’re not mentally prepared you’re not going to act. The start of something is when you do something.


Below are the seven steps that can help you reach inside and find that strength and make yourself mentally strong so you can face anything you might come across. 


1st step 

Develop a purpose: life is full of dramatic and unexpected changes and if you’re all over the place you’ll never get anywhere in life. It’s important to know what you’re going to do before you do it and where you want to be in order to get there. That way you have a sense of direction and know what you need to prioritize. Set goals in all areas of your life; health, financial, social, spiritual etc. 



2nd step

Face your fears: get out of your comfort zone. Some things in life are daunting and scary when you think about doing them. So learn to differentiate between when you need to think first or when you need to just act. Challenges should not be something that you fear, but rather something you are enthusiastic about. You have to conquer your fears, get them behind you so that they have no chance of stopping you.


Sales perspective: Normally customers are afraid of making mistakes and that creates an objection. Sales people are afraid of rejection and that affects their ability to sell successfully. 


• (Create a sense of ) Urgency: customers usually have a budget. When you meet with a client you have to assume your product was not part of their budget. Therefore this will allow you to demonstrate not only the importance of what you’re selling but how critical it is for them to include it in their budget. 

• If the client doesn’t buy immediately, that affects the closing.

• If you do not gain their commitment, that affects the sale. 

• Dominate the conversation, bedazzle your client with not only your sales pitch but with your presence and your confidence.


3rd step

Commitment comes from within, you either want to do something or you don’t. When you’re committed to something you will always find a creative solution through anything. The most successful commitments come from those who are confident and single minded. If you’re passionate about something you’re bound to be committed to it. If not, you will easily give up.


You not only have to be passionate about your job, but also the people you work with because 38% of your day is spent at workBe committed to doing the best you can and work as well as you can with the people around you. Commit to your colleagues, your job and to yourself. Invest in your growth and your career, read books, master your trade, complete online courses, focus and train your mind, strive for complete proficiency in everything you do. Do not let procrastination and routine dampen your enthusiasm towards your commitments in life. Only you have the power to change yourself, only you have the power to commit to your own life. “Do today what others won’t, so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”



4th step

Discipline: you won’t always be motivated and you won’t always have that drive. But there are some essential and important tools to keep you disciplined:

• Values – value the things that are important to you. 

• Beliefs – how much do you believe in yourself?

• Faith – have faith that you are capable of any task.

• Courage – have the courage to start and stop procrastinating.

• Respect – have enough respect for yourself and your profession.

• Pride – have some pride in your work and in yourself.

Time spent cannot be acquired again –  when a day is gone it’s gone foreverBut when you’re disciplined you can create and manage time. With a certain level of discipline you can do things that normally take people ages to complete in a very quick timeFocus on these tools to keep you disciplined and practice-rehearse-drill. Discipline is a choice it’s not something you’re born with or something that you can buy. Discipline like all things come from within.


5th step

Focus: Control what you think about, start thinking about how to overcome obstacles instead of complaining about them. Look for solutions instead of looking for someone to blame. Look for opportunities in problems. Learn from your mistakes. Focus on the task instead of the problem. Steady your mind and remember your goals, focus on the outcome. Always play the ball, and not the man.    


6th step

Act: do everything you say you will do. Take action, don’t wait for someone else to do the task. Don’t just rely on other people, do what is necessary without procrastinating.


7th step:

Build endurance: don’t run or panic, face your fears, face the situation and rise above it. Believe that you can do it, believe in yourself, act immediatelydo not hesitate. The best time to do anything is right now. Learn to continue after the outcome, do not stagnate on the end result.

Practice builds endurance. Like a muscle, the more you train yourself, and your brain, the more it can accomplish. Endurance is built through regular and deliberate execution. And remember: Perfect practice makes perfect.


Competence is not an innate characteristic it is the results of years of working hard, discipline, faith, commitment, moral courage and focus that brings about the desired outcome.

 Everything you need to be successful in any aspect of your life is already within you, all you need to do is dig deep and reach inside of yourself and pull out the enthusiasm and commitment that is deep within all of us.

Written by Benjamin Nengwani and Conrad Baartman

Edited by AZ

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Author: Benjamin Nengwani

Sales Manager, Sales Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Presenter and Founder of Mzansi OnAir

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