Mzansi OnAir

Mzansi  ONAIR  is  an  online  channel  that  will  broadcast on  Youtube,  brought  to  you  by  Under  Rock  Studio.  The  channel  will host  local  content  that  is  authentic  and  non-violent,  from documentaries,  weekly  music  show,  interviews  and  talk  shows. The channel  was  founded  in  September 2017 by  Benjamin Nengwani & JnzBeats 


1.  Talk  shows 

Get  Real;  Faking it,  ain’t making it! 

A  talk  show  that  covers  topics  based  on  personal  development  & growth.  Which  will  enable  people  to  grow  financial,  social, educational,  health,  spiritual  and  family. 
Sales  Rake;  Make it rain!

A talk show for entrepreneurs that focuses on covering issues faced in the sales industry and how to  overcome them. 

2.  Interviews

Step;  All you  need to know to  get  your career  started! 

Hosted  by  Benjamin,  he  will  be  interviewing  successful  people  who are  doing  well  in  their  careers.  Bringing  to  you  the  actual  step  by  step process,  ‘on  how  to get your  career  started!’ 

3.  Documentaries 

Kasi  Bangers;  life before  fame! 

Brings  you  a  fresh  local,  vibe  kind  of  music  you  don’t  see  on  television every  day.  We  focus  on  the  background,  creation,  the  outcome  and the  goal of  each  artist,  whom are not  yet  known.   

  4.  Music  show 

Under  Rock Studio 

We  focus  on  bringing  you  fresh  kasi  music  videos  made  by  unknown artists.  With  fresh talent,  skills  and  potential to  be  the best!

Motivation  (story behind  Mzansi  OnAir)

South  Africa  is  on  a  stagnant  and  for  us  to  grow  as  a  nation  we  have to  share  and  make  information  available  to  everyone  who  wants  to start a  business,  new career,  or simply keep  their  job. 
South  Africa  has  an  unemployment  rate  of  26,  6%  living  over  15 million people  out of jobs.

   ‘’Our goal  is  to  reduce the  unemployment  rate by 20%  through consistent  motivation,  reliable  information  and  making opportunities  available  to  the  society at large.  Which  will  only leave South  Africa  with  6%  rate  of  unemployment  and creating employment  for over  10  million  citizens.’’ 

The  channel  is  meant  to  shape  the  minds  of  the  leaders  of  tomorrow through  every  learning  material,  information  and  opportunities provided. 

  ‘’We believe if  you  can  see it,  you can be motivated and if  you  can  be motivated  you  can  do  it!’’

As  an  online  channel  you  can  follow  us  on  Facebook,  twitter  and instagram @mzansi OnAir. Keep  yourself  updated  and motivated! 

What is  Mzansi  ONAIR  about?   

We  bring  out  fresh  Local  music  videos  (ads,  promotions  etc.), Interviews,  talk  shows,  documentaries and  sometimes Pranks.

   ‘’We believe talent is found  in  the  people you  least  expect and  hard work in  the  people who are more  hungry.’’ 


Mzansi  on  air  will  be  releasing  an  episode  of  each  talk  show  every week  and  the  duration  of  the  episodes  has  not  been  confirmed  yet. The  founders  are  estimating between 30-  45min  each  episode.   The  first  pilot will  be published in  October. There’s  no exact date.   

Mzansi  ONAIR ‘’Bringing  you the lifestyle  you  deserve!’’ 


Author: Benjamin Nengwani

Sales Manager, Sales Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Presenter and Founder of Mzansi OnAir

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