​The Psychology of Work!

Work is probably one of the most hated aspects of life. People often resent their duty to earn a living or become successful. At school I wasn’t taught to be wealthy, but to earn a standard of living and that was 14 years of repetition. None of what I was taught, I wanted to do, and now most people are trapped doing things they don’t love, like or even have genuine interest in, just for the sake of having a roof over their heads.
Work is viewed as hard – but so is everything. The only difference is there are some things you are willing to take hardship for and some not at all. Work is hard, but if you know what you’re working for, it is manageable. 

Both successful and average people have the same things in common: they work hard, are commitment and duty driven. But they do have a fundamental difference: ‘’reading.’’ 

We don’t feed ourselves with the fruitful information. Instead we acquire all the negative publicity we get from the media and news on a daily basis. If you put all those things together, what you see, hear and read about, you then realize why so many people have low self-esteem. When you know how good you are, you don’t need anyone’s approval, but if have any doubts about yourself, you begin to ask what others think before you act. Ideally, you need to act and then wait to hear what people will say.

Negativity is everywhere. We cannot avoid it! But we can’t let it drag us down either. I’m always looking for an opportunity in negative things because in a moment of confusion a man with a plan always wins. What you see can become your life, what you hear can become your thoughts and what you read can become your drive. 

You need to be looking at things you want, listening to what you need to learn and reading about growth. Because there’s one thing you cannot afford to lose in your life- period, and that is your self-esteem. You cannot stop believing in yourself, what you’re doing and how you’re going to make it work, because if you do, it is over for you. Your talents won’t matter, your abilities, skills and even connections. People who are negative have lost their self-esteem and that’s why they cannot believe in your dream because they couldn’t do it for their own.

What you feed yourself will not destroy what you’re not. But it can destroy what you could have become. Many people claim to be who they’re not instead of doing something to ensure they become who they want to be. 

Do not lose your purpose. The problem with people is we put down the number of tries we are going give, instead of trying something until it works. Failure is a sign that you’re trying and some people aren’t even trying. The minute you tell yourself that you’re doing great is when you are at your worst. This is because you no longer pay attention as opposed to when you aren’t doing well. We thrive at our worst because we pay attention to detail no matter how small it is. The most tragic thing is to think you’re okay in life. Eliminate your finite tries and focus on being ahead of the obstacle. 

Work is bad for most people, good for a bunch of people and great for a few. Why is that? People don’t ask for more because they don’t know their worth. 

Change your ‘’ask’’. Instead of asking for a salary increase,  ask for a promotion. Instead of asking for a piece, ask for the whole thing. It takes ten times the amount you thought to do well. Some people spend their time on work, more than any other thing in their lives and still remain unsuccessful because they don’t know how to ask. 

Some people are so negative you have to ask them ten times before they say, ‘yes.’ Don’t give up on the ask, keep asking till you get what you want.

If you don’t know your worth, you will never get what you want because people who get rewarded are those who know what they want. 

Don’t work on a formula of just enough, save enough, make enough and forget that when a crisis happens you won’t survive the situation. 

Always test your abilities, talents, skills and keep them working well for you so you can increase your ask.

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Author: Benjamin Nengwani

Sales Manager, Sales Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Presenter and Founder of Mzansi OnAir

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