Why you should value people!

By Benjamin Nengwani

All the richest people in the world got rich because everything they did was for us- they found innovative ways to make our lives easier and to improve them. If you’re too focused on improving your own life, it may not turn out to be the billion dollar idea you want it to! Turn your focus on making someone else’s life better, so they can help you with yours. In doing so you shape someone’s mind and heart and how they see and feel about you. 

If people think and feel that you are destined for greatness, they will seek to help you reach that height by supporting you, recommending you, and giving you credit. People are your biggest asset in life, make new friends and always be visible and authentic. 

People create access because people are access.

People have the resources that you need. One thing I know rich people have, is access. You need access, and people create that. When you were looking for a job; someone had a vacancy for the position you were looking for & when you were busy thinking about your dream car; someone out there was already selling it. You need to know more people than you already know right now. I know you’ve been told not have more friends because it’s bad for you. But shit!!! Look at you now, you don’t have access because you don’t know anyone! Your old friends are the same as you, they think the same, live the same and do the same things you do. It’s time to surround yourself with people who aren’t doing the same things as you because  their mindset may be materially different from yours – and that is gold! 

Learn how to control your emotions

Most people go through life always being afraid to get hurt and therefore they distance themselves from people-  People they need, people with certain keys they may need. You need people in your life and more of them, they will probably betray you but who isn’t lying to you now? 

If you have kids, they probably lie to you, you lie to them, my parents used to lie to me, my friends and everyone close to me will probably tell me a lie at some point if they haven’t already. 

Having too many friends is not the problem, handling their lies, rejection and disappointments is the problem. 

People don’t know how to handle things they didn’t ask for. This is something we aren’t taught at school or by our parents. It is something you need to learn on your own because they will always be something pulling you and something pushing you and you can only let one of them take control of your life. If what is pulling you to go back in the past is stronger than what is pushing you to move on, you’re not going to press forward in life. 

Money follows people who are visible

There’s nothing wrong with loving attention, but you have to seek it to multiply your income. The more people who see what you do and how good you are at it, the more money they are willing to pay for your services. Musicians do it all the time! And you must do the same thing: get people to pay attention to you because you have something people need. 

If I have something you need, all you need to do is ask, and  I’ll probably make you pay for it or I might give it for free.. but you have to ask. 

I’m always asking people for things, asking for their commitment, asking for their money, asking for help because someone has to have what I’m looking for.

When you ask, ask big don’t ask for what you think is fair but ask for what you think you are worth, and then prove you are! I’m a risk taker, it doesn’t always pay off but I do it anyway. Get people whose attention you seek to focus on you and pay for it. 

I have a book written called ‘’Occupational Buyers and Sellers’’ buy a soft copy for only R30 and get an eBook free. 

Learn something worth more than what you paid, use it and thank me later. 

I am becoming more visible to people every day because I’m not only focused on the money but reaching as many people as possible with my publications. 

The money will follow, through motivational speaking gigs, year-end functions, sales training and a whole lot more!

If you don’t like being the center of attention you will never hit your target because the center is the target. Be visible, do your best and keep doing it till you master it. 

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The book I wrote changed my life and it can change yours, get a copy now!



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     Most people go through life without even                   enjoying it. Don’t buy into that!


Author: Benjamin Nengwani

Sales Manager, Sales Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Presenter and Founder of Mzansi OnAir

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