You can’t live a successful life without communication!

By Benjamin Nengwani

Part of your success in life depends on how well you communicate, and understand the people around you. Everything around us is communicating- nature and our immediate surroundings, even our own bodies! For instance, air pollution results in global warming, and the rise in temperature is the earth communicating! Or when your phone starts to freeze…it is because it’s trying to tell you something!

Your life is made up of six elements, namely: family, friends, health, spirit, growth and finance. 

When you take a look at the status of everything I’ve mentioned above, and where you would like to see yourself actually be, you will begin to realize what your situation is trying to tell you. You can either try to understand what you have to do, or ignore what is revealed to you. There is always communication between people, situations, nature and material things. 

Human beings can co-exist because of our ability to communicate with one another. We exchange information that might be influenced by emotions and intellectual discovery. We communicate by speaking, writing, using body language and so much more. As a result that forms different kinds of communication but essentially communication is about sending and receiving a message. 
Communication involves two parties; the one who sends out the message and the one who receives the message. A break of communication will often result in a misunderstanding. There’s no point in talking if the next person doesn’t understand what you are trying to say. 

Real communication is when the next person receives the precise message you are trying to get through. If not, your communication is more likely to be just sound of waves to another person!

Communication is essential in our daily lives; it helps you express what you’re feeling, thinking, desire and comprehend. A mute world would be a chaotic world. It is imperative that you always surround yourself with people who allow you to express yourself because that will help you grow influential and confident. 

Develop the ability to understand all forms of communication: to read people’s behavioural patterns, actions, so you can gain understanding.

Try not to jump to conclusions when you aren’t sure you are receiving an intended message because everything we know is understood differently. 

Love, success, happiness is what you understand of it, the perception you create for yourself regardless of what it means in the dictionary. A meaning is created not by definition but perception because you have to see something before it can mean anything to you. Without being around people you will never realize how important people are. This includes family, friends, colleagues and people in your community. The less time you spend with them communicating the less significant they become to you. 

Reading books also helps develop your communication skills- the people who wrote them were trying to communicate some significance to their readers. 

What you see has an impact on what you think, and as a result it affects how you behave.

See and think positively, and what you say could help someone! 

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Author: Benjamin Nengwani

Sales Manager, Sales Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Presenter and Founder of Mzansi OnAir

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